ZETETICA - RENO - 5/28/16

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No one has the argument to debate Math and have all bowed out of even being paid to debate. We will give u a glimpse into an exclusive series of dramatic and funny phone calls, where the globalists have already reminded their own science as a belief, chickening out of debating the real deal. So we have only one option left....ZETETICA

The world's first live flat earth conspiracy cirque and comedy rock show . Ringmaster Math Powerland-hyper photorealist, ex-painter for the space agencies world over turned whistle blower and now large scale artist specializing in using the physics of REST inertia.

He manipulates the circumstance of throwing paint and using mops to demonstrate how flat the earth really is whilst contrasting it to the curvature of beautiful dancers, that help drive the expansion and perception of space, as the room literally begins to transform blurring where it begins and ends all in real time .

Watching paint dry has become a new sport . A new revelation -A new proof, because none of it would be possible if we were spinning on a ball 1000 miles an hr.
The only thing spinning is the minds of those who will watch.The Alice and wonderlandESQUE adventure that transforms your very brain into an amusement park ride, as floor beneath your feet is painted into a parallel reality. Blurring reality, Exposing what you think IS as the result of imagery hypnosis, to form stealth cults and the invisible religion called SCIENCE and the urgent Sphere porn of Globalism all melt like steel beams under jet fuel
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. The crowd is full of globalists, whose minds may snap, may collapse and or choose to resist even lose their patience as the proof will be in the floor . FLAT and growing beneath your feet

This RIDE boasts an array of wild characters such as O nuts, Thomas Scott News, the FLAT EARTH ASSHOLE Jake Gibson and many more secret surprises, featuring guest celebrities who will be breaking rank with their Hollywood management to attend the ceremonial debut of ZETITICA.

It will be an event to remember, The show will then be followed by some live fire painting outdoors , party on the floor painted live , burlesque style performances , wicked graphics, lively debate, booze , paint , love , free thinking mavericks, burners and brainiac maniacs galore .
The fruit of our womb the ERTH itself will be stamped with glorious art rapid fire pops in the patrix. This is the place to see Math Power Land , hands on , proving zero curvature on the ground except that adorning his beautiful assistants and dance team. The globe is reduced to a mere childish cartoon as the horizon rises like an ancient rock solid plane.
This is a place where the after show conversations will be the wildest you have ever heard any where off the net. Come one come all ,
the celebration we do when globalists chicken out of a street fight. WE HAVE A CIRCUS WITH A PURPOSE .

SHOW IS AT 9 PM Doors open at 7PM 555 East 4th street Reno . MAY 28th 2016 9 pm doors open 7PM



HOTELS we will be working with and adding details for to and fro from airport : www.sandsregency.com/hotel prices are 50 -100 a nightCHEAPO AIR for flights for booking
Only minutes from Lake Tahoe, where the infamous legend en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_K._Johnson measured the earth's flatness only to have his home and research mysteriously burnt to the ground and he and his wife died , lies the new American western : Reno is centrally located in the centre of the Western United States and is extremely affordable poised to explode and home of the burners year round devotees to the Burning Man event held in Black Rock desert . In the years to come Reno will be undergoing a major make over in which the artist Math will be involved .
Calculate a modest budget of 300 - 500 dollars and u will be able to see it all and a bit of california reclusive and very affordable the beautiful Lake Tahoe where the movers and shakers of Las Vegas go to unwind . As well only 4-5 hrs from the beautiful Golden gate bridge and San Francisco and the state capitol Sacramento minutes from nappa and wine country!
.....Reno is a great place to land and see the rest not to mention a flat earth musical rock circus with the modern day ERTHER MATH POWERLAND AND FRIENDS.

The crowd is not simply the choir it is full of globalists who's minds may snap or resist the fruit of our womb the ERTH so this is the place to see Math hands on proving the Globe is a cartoon you never saw with your eyes and the ground is flat-....as paint drips off the backs of dancers printing their bodies against the ground .
Come one come all ! RUN AWAY!

Free entry with the purchase of a PHOTO OR PAINTING shirt by Erth Math lynx below (2 choices):High end direct to Garment screen printing 47$ www.ebay.com/…/PHOTO-OR-PAINTING-shirt…/322084172035… heat transfer 20$

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